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Head teacher Mr Mike McNama


Year 6


Welcome to Year 6. Our class teachers are:

Mr Davis                             Whitebeam class

Miss Claire                          Ash class

Our Teaching Assistant     Mrs Cork

Term 4

It was  good to see so many parents today  looking at the Year 6  Spy Academy Board Games

Term 3

Drama for e-safety



Making islands

Thank you to the parents and carers who came in to look at the childrens' Island creations

Term 2

Year 6 made sea creatures from plastic and cardboard as part of their topic

Year 6 have been writing formal letters to Michael Gove outlining the devastating effect that plastic is having on the world.

Term One

Click here to see the Year 6 Black History Month performances

Click here to see more of the Year 6 Black history Month performance

Click here to see the Powerpoint presentation from Denisa, Bristol City Council


Term 6

Lots of Parents and Carers joined us today to enjoy the Year 6 Leavers' play  

Year 6 went to the zoo today

Day 4

Day 3- Morfa Bay

Day 2 Morfa Bay

Day one at Morfa Bay camp

Letters to parents week 2

Term 5

Dear Year 6 pupils,

Well done to everyone as you have reached the end of the SAT tests today!  I know that you have been well prepared for the tests by your class teachers, Mr Davis and Miss Woodham.  You have learnt a lot over the last four years and even had to manage the curriculum changing part way through the journey. The adults in school have tried hard to help you prepare, and have come to breakfast with you on each day of the tests to help you feel supported.

There is however something very important that you need to remember. The tests do not test everything that makes you special.  They do not cover all the aspects of you that have been developing in your time at the junior school.  The tests will show what you have been able to do on a particular day at a particular time in a particular subject.  The tests only examine reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling and mathematics.

SAT tests don’t take into account that you are a caring and supportive friend. They don’t show the gold cards, commendations, stickers and awards you have achieved. They don’t identify the sports activities or choir activities you may have taken part in and represented the school.  They don’t acknowledge that you may be a fantastic artist or musician or speak two languages.  They do not show you are a dancer, comedian, gardener, chef or that you are caring enough to look after someone when they are sad. They won’t show that you are honest and can be trusted or that you always try your best even when the work is tough.  They don’t show that you have developed wonderful resilience.

The results from the tests will give some information to your secondary school.  But as you know, the results will not give them all the information about you.  You are unique.  You are special.  We know it; your families know it and you need to remember it.  Each of you has something wonderful to offer the world and that can’t just be measured by doing some tests at ten or eleven years old.

Remember that you have been part of Chester Park Junior School.  I have seen you all grow into young people I am very proud to know.  I know that you are ready for the final term in the junior school and will tackle the challenge of secondary school using the skills you have learnt here.

Well done for getting through the tests, feel proud of your achievement, and remember, there is a lot more to you as a person than the ‘snapshots’ taken over these four busy days. Everyone at school is very proud of all your achievements.  I wish you all every success for the future.



Mike McNama

Practicing their sprinting

Year 6 love their leavers' hoodies!

Term 4

Year 6 spent time sharing work with the year 3 children today

Year 6 monologues

World Book Day and Snow much more exciting can it get?

Term 3

Click here to watch the dragons


Click here for more dragon footage!

The year 6 Japanese dragons paraded around the school this afternoon, accompanied by some original music created by the children- don't they look and sound  impressive?

Look at the jellyfish year 6 have made!

Year 6 hockey

Term 2

Year 6 held a press conference about climate change and how we are doing our bit at CPJS

Ash Class have loved getting in the festive spirit by taking part in ‘The Paper Chain Challenge’.

We have booked this year's exciting end of Year 6 camp Click here to visit the Morfah Bay website

Year 6 football team getting ready for their season

Letters to parents week two

Year 6 have loved using traditional methods to make coil pots as part of our topic about Ancient Greece! Although, ours aren't quite as big as the amphora Odysseus gave to the Cyclops in the Odyssey!

Letters to parents week commencing 9th october 2017

Thank you to Denisa Akuna from Bristol City Council Admissions for joining us this morning and explaining the secondary transfer process. Here are the documents discussed at the meeting. Don't forget you are most welcome to pop in and talk about this with Kath Morley in the office, she will also help you apply.

Secondary transfer presentation

Secondary open days

Secondary flyer

Secondary Guide

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