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Year 5


Welcome to Year 5. Our class teachers are:

Hawthorn       Hannah Adjei and Rebecca Evans

Maple               Joanna Sparkes

Sycamore        Gerry Davis

Hannah Adjei
Hannah Adjei
Rebecca Evans
Rebecca Evans
Joanna Sparkes
Joanna Sparkes
Gerry Davis
Gerry Davis


Welcome to Year 5. Our class teachers are:

Mr Byrne                     Sycamore Class

Mrs Sparkes                Maple Class


Term 6

Click here to view the secondary transfer powerpoint delivered this morning by Bristol City Council

Click here to find out the details of the Year 5 trip to the Nature In Art exhibition in Twigworth on 27th June

As part of Our School Community Week Year 5 performed ballet and learned to play the Steel drums!

Term 5

Term 4

Term 3

As part of our "Brilliant Britain" topic this term , we had a great day out at M shed.

Term 2

We are now working on our topic 'Awesome Alps!' We are going to look at the geographical area, animals and we are going to be producing information booklets for tourists!

 Our English book for the term is 'Clockwork (or All Wound Up)'. We are learning about empathy for characters, how to 'build' a story and we have introduced some difficult grammar such as parenthesis, modal verbs and ellipsis!

Click here to see the Year 5 Black History Month performance 

Click here for another Black History month performance!

Term 1

Year 5 worked extremely hard during COMICON. They produced some lovely comics of their own which people enjoyed reading.




Term 6

The trip to Nature in Art today was a resounding success! So many things to see and do!

Click here to see the Secondary transfer meeting presentation to parents 13th June 2018

Letters to parents week 1

Term 5

Thank you to all the Year 5 parents who came in to school to share and enjoy Viking Mead!

Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous day at Blagdon Lake, releasing the eels, enjoying nature  and writing poems.

Eel update week 5

eel watch week 4

Eel update week 3

Year 5 were visited by a Viking today!

Year 5 made Viking Bread today, exploring irreversible forces and seeing the difference yeast made. The bread  smelt delicious!  

Eel update 27th April 2018

The Eels have arrived!

Year 5 had great fun preparing for the Eels to arrive

Year 5 are taking part in an Eel conservation project this term, have a look at the links below to find out more.

Click here to watch a fascinating video about eels and their journey from the Sargasso Sea!


Click here to find out about Spawn to be Wild

Term 4

Term 3

Year 5 had a great time at the Steam Museum in Swindon today.

We have been privileged to have Michail Apyridakis working in school with us this week . The children loved learning how to play Greek bouzouki.

Term 2

Term 1

As part of Black African month, year 5 did African dancing today.


Term 6


Sports Day

Year 5 had a wonderful time last Friday at @t Bristol.

As part of Celebration and Aspiration Day Year 5 had great fun with Athletic gold medalists Jason and Ryan.

Term 5

Year 5 released the newly hatched Butterflies today!

The year 5 children were so excited to see the Pink Lady Caterpillars arrive in their class, they will be watching them to see just how they develop!

Term 4

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their country dancing, accompanied by a live guitarist and fiddler. Thanks to all those parents who came in to see them!

click here to see a movie of their dance

Letters to parents week 6

Term 3

Look at year 5 making their Saxon houses

As part of Safer Internet Day, children watched and discussed a programme about cyber bullying. They then went on to explore how important is was to be careful when posting photos of themselves online.

Year 5 have been acting emotions

Researching projects

Inspired by their class text, The Hobbit, Nadia, Hattie,Lily Maisie and Bella created their own Hobbiton at home using clay, papier mache and hardboard. Haven't they done a wonderful job? 

Year 5 concentrating on their science lesson

Year 5 did Country Dancing today!

This term year 5 are having clarinet lessons

Term 2

Year 5 really enjoyed their trip to the Steam Museum at Swindon on Tuesday

Letters to parents week 3

Choosing the scene in "Streetchild" by Berlie Doherty when Jim Jarvis froze the family out of their room, year 5 children used Freeze Frame drama to tell the story.

Mr Cleeton led an assembly on how mountains are formed

Term 2

In Science Year 5 have been making parachutes from different materials and testing how well they work

 5B posted their votes for Eco and School Council Representatives today

Term one

On Tuesday, Year 5 used musical instruments to  explore sounds in the air.


Term 6

Let's investigate

Year 5 have been looking at air resistance, and also the effect of friction and different surfaces on movement.

Term 5

Carrying on with their theme of animals, Year 5 visited the Nature in Art Museum and Art Gallery in Twigworth, Gloucestershire. They created mixed media work, inspired by a painting from the gallery. They used batik to create ladybirds and butterflies, and enjoyed looking around the gallery, meeting an artist in residence. What a great day!

Year 5 took their measuring lesson outside into the sunshine today.

Year 5 have been researching different classes of animals. After finding out key information, the groups created a poster and reported back to the class.

Arlo gives the long jump his all!
Arlo gives the long jump his all!
Seb carries out an impressive jump
Seb carries out an impressive jump

Not only did all the Year 5 children ably walk or run a mile for Sport Relief on Friday, but when they came back they went on to  fiercely defend their own house in the inter house sports competition!

"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite
jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a
thousand times, and now how abhorr'd in my imagination it is!
My gorge rises at it"

Year 5 have been studying Hamlet by William Shakespeare as part of their World Book Day Celebrations.

5C shared their favourite books in class, explaining why they liked them and what was special about them. There was a wonderful selection of fiction and non fiction books which they described as 

"Having shocking facts"

Great stories with a twist"

A book with beautiful illustrations"

Jevantae wrote:

“Today 5C were making negative number board games. They made their own dice and created negative number questions. “

Have a look at the photos Jevantae took:

Practicing their French skills, year 5 children used role play as shopkeepers and customers to improve their knowledge of french food.

Year 5 have been perfecting their Djembe skills

Term 4

Djembe drumming

Term 3

As part of the Year 5 topic "Brunel's Britain" children  had a great time today at the Museum Of Steam in Swindon.

Year 5 have been busy learning through their current class text, Streetchild.  They have been learning how to perform a text as well as about works houses in Victorian Britain.  Through art, pupils have been creating different tints of colour.

Year 5 inter house competition...and the winners are...Samuels!

Preparing ourselves for challenge week, we have been learning about how things move by making simple CAM mechanisms.

We have been developing our gymnastic skills by carrying out routines that involved jumps, bridges and rolls. 

Weekly letter to parents week commencing 7th September

5C have been very busy in their first week of the new school year! They have been revising French numbers to ‘trente’ and learning about our country’s democratic process through preparing for school council elections.

Weekly letters to parents week commencing 7th September

click here to watch the Secondary Choices Powerpoint information.

Year 5 have been learning French vocabulary for food and how to say (in French) if they like or dislike a particular item.  They then wrote sentences showing this.  We have also been responding to music through art, painting on stones to represent movements from Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of the Animals.

In Maths we have been very busy investigating capacity and volume – careful measuring was needed!  In French we have been learning vocabulary for food by playing matching games.

On 21st April year 5 went to Bristol Zoo investigating such things as : How do scientists classify animals? How do different classes of animals reproduce and how does the zoo's work as a conservation charity connect to reproduction. It was a great day, have a look at the photos!


We have been very busy these last couple of weeks finishing off our class text, The Hobbit, and preparing to show off our work to parents.  We have been baking biscuits, sewing battle banners, creating news reports and composing songs to accompany ukulele.  What a busy time!

Year 5 displayed their new found skills, singing, playing the ukulele and drumming today!

Letters to parents term 4 week 5

Year 5 enjoyed a Hobbit themed World Book Day today!

Hobbit Dancing

Class 5C Hobbits

Class 5P Hobbits

CLick here to see a powerpoint presentation of year 5's art work

Letters to parents term 4 week 2

5P  have been combining geographical, historical and maths skills to find out about Viking voyages.

As part of Safer Internet Day year 5 worked with local PCSO to further their knowledge of staying sate online and in the digital world. 

Calculation Teaching Strategies





This week pupils have been busy developing their drawing skills by sketching the character Beorn from ‘The Hobbit’.


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