Chester Park Junior School

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Abingdon Road, Bristol, Avon, BS163NX
Head teacher Mr Mike McNama


Applying for a place


September 2018

...We currently have spaces available in year 3 and year 4 please apply directly to Bristol City Council,

Telephone 0117 9037694

but please feel free to ring and arrange an appointment to come and visit us...0117 3773365

All admissions and allocation of places at Chester Park Junior School School are currently dealt with by Bristol City Council’s Children and Young People’s Services Admissions Department.

Any child who is currently attending Chester Park Infant School in year 2 will automatically secure a place at Chester Park Junior School in year 3.

For further information please see the Council Bristol City Council’s website or contact the Department by calling 0117 9037694 or by email at

The school and its Governors have no input or influence over which pupils are offered places.

In year admission

About in year applications

In year applications are when you want to move your child from the primary or  junior school they go to now to a different one. This happens outside of the normal admissions process. You might want to make an in year application if you’ve recently moved.

You should speak to your current headteacher before deciding to change  your child's school, especially if your child is in secondary school where a move may disrupt their studies and exam results. 

Before you make an application we recommend you visit the school you want your child to go to and discuss a change of school with the Head Teacher. 

Read your preferred school(s) admissions policy on the school website for information about allocation of places, waiting lists and appeal procedure.

This will help you make an informed choice to see if the school is the most appropriate school for your child.

Click here to make an in year application