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Positive, Resilient, Meaningful.

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Head teacher Mr Mike McNama



Dear Parents and Carers,

After School Clubs at Chester Park Junior School






Basketball Y5-Y6

Mr Lee

Invasion Games Y3-Y4

Mr Lee

Football Y5-Y6 Girls

Mr Lee

Football Y5-Y6 Boys

Mr Lee

Football Y3-Y4

Mr Lee

Choir Y3-Y6

Miss Clare

Ukulele Club Y5-Y6

Miss Ford


Ukulele Club Y3-Y4

Miss Ford


Eco Club Y3-Y6

Mr Sparkes






The table above details the clubs available after school in Term 4 (beginning in Week 2 – WB 02.03.20).  Clubs run from 3:30pm to 4:15pm. This means that there will be no crossing patrol on duty and your child may need to cross busy roads unsupervised if going home on his/her own. If children join a club, there is an expectation that they attend the club every week.  If children are unable to attend, they need to contact the member of staff running the club or a member of staff in the office to inform them of their absence. To ensure all children are safe, a phone call home will be made if a child is expected at a club but doesn’t arrive.

All clubs are offered free of charge. Clubs have limited spaces due to space restrictions or health and safety factors.  If a club has more applicants than places, children will be selected randomly from all applicants to determine the club members. If your child attended a club last term and would like to continue, you still need to fill in the slip below. 

Information about Rugby Club will be sent separately.

After school clubs run until the end of Week 6 – the last week of term (last club on Friday 3rd April).

Please complete the slip to indicate which clubs your child is interested in and return to your class teacher by Wednesday 26th February.  


Please note: You will receive an email by Friday 28th February to tell you which clubs your child is in. The information for all clubs and all year groups will also be displayed on the playground and in the windows of Y3 and Y4 classrooms.

Please check your emails and the classroom windows before asking at the office. 


Please retain this part of the letter so that you have a copy of the club timetable.



After School Clubs

I give permission for my child…………………………………… class………………………………………


to attend the selected club(s). I understand there will be no crossing patrol at this time.


Signed……………………………………………………..            Date………………………………


Name:……………………………………………………..             Telephone no…………………………………………..


       Please circle your chosen club/clubs. Please only sign-up for the correct year group. 







Basketball Y5-Y6

Invasion Games Y3-Y4

Football Y5-Y6 Girls

Football Y5-Y6 Boys

Football Y3-Y4

Choir Y3-Y6

Ukulele Club Y5-Y6


Ukulele Club Y3-Y4


Eco Club Y3-Y6






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Chester Park Vision

Chester Park:  Positive, Resilient, Meaningful

Following input from a range of stakeholders into developing a shared vision for Chester Park Infant and Chester Park Junior School the new vision has been developed.  Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to creating the vision.  Themes regarding what everyone felt was important emerged and it is clear there is a united feeling regarding what each group felt was important. 


Positive:  Every group had this at the heart of what they felt was most important – this attribute is incredibly powerful and empirical research has found that there are many very real health benefits linked to positive thinking and optimistic attitudes.  At Chester Park we are positive in everything we undertake.


Resilient:  All stakeholder groups highlighted being resilient and or persevering as being vital.  Being able to manage ups and downs and to ‘bounce back’ when things are hard is a key skill for life.  Resilience fosters a growth mindset and empowers independence in learning.  Resilience supports motivation and the desire to succeed.  At Chester Park we want to everyone to become resilient and to reach their potential.


Meaningful:  Having a purpose or meaning was important to each group.  The feedback highlights the importance of understanding why something is done and what is being done having a value.  Working towards an outcome was seen as essential to support learning.  At Chester Park all we do is meaningful.


The contributions in relation to the vision have been valued and although the words that individuals have chosen may not have been part of the final vision the overall consensus of the community was clear.  There were some other strong themes that came out from consultation including; respectful, proud, nurture, caring, inspiration, creativity, aspirational, motivated, curious and even unflappable!  These are important, valued and have some strong links to the words identified for the vision.

There is still plenty of work to do in relation to embedding the vision at Chester Park. 

Term 3:  Each Class will complete PSHE lessons linked to the school vision and make links to class rules.  The schools will launch a design competition to design a logo that links to the vision.

Term 4:  The school staff will use the vision to design the future academic curriculum so that it is driven by the vision and focuses on the community needs.

Term 5:  School paper work will change to show the shared vision.  The new logo for the school will be chosen.

Term 6:  Governors evaluate the new vision and the work surrounding it in preparation for the academic year 2020/21

Term 1 2020/21:  Launch of the new vision and curriculum including updated website.


Finally, embracing change can be hard.  If we all approach these changes using the words from the vision, change will be easier.  Thank you to everyone for the hard work and creative thought that has gone into producing this new vision for Chester Park.  I know some people may have questions – please read the FAQ section.  If there are any other specific questions surrounding the vision of the Chester Park please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours in partnership



Mike McNama


 At CPJS, we believe that books are the heart of our imagination and we want to provide our learners with as many opportunities as possible to celebrate reading.  That is why we have introduced the Reading Hero award. This award recognises the many different skills of reading and can be achieved by: reading at home, reading fluently in class, excellent answers during Reading lessons and many more! During Friday's assembly, our Reading Hero will receive their award and, on Monday afternoon, they will get to spend some time with Mrs Woolley to discuss their love of books!

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New Procedures for the Start of the Day

Dear parents and carers,

From Monday 4th November, we will be welcoming children at the start of the day in a different way. Currently children wait in the playground, then line up and walk in. Learning is often delayed as the unstructured time at the start of the day and leading a large group of children into the school is time consuming and challenging.

We will now open the doors at 8:55am and children will come into school as soon as they arrive. For Years 3 and 4 this will be straight in through their classroom doors. For Year 5, this will be through the first door on the right after you come in through the main gate. For Year 6, this will be through the door near the trim trail. Teachers will be in the classroom to greet the children.

To ensure we are keeping children safe, adults must not come into the school at any time via any door other than the main entrance (by the office) where they must sign in.

There will be members of staff at each door as well as on the main gate. If you have a message for your child’s teacher, it can be passed on through this member of staff. The main gate will open at 8:50am.

The gate will close at 9:05am as this is the time that teachers take the register. Children must arrive at school before this time. 

The relationships between parents and teachers are very important to us and for that reason teachers are available to talk with you at the end of each day as class teachers will dismiss their classes as usual. If you would like to talk to your child’s teacher, after school is more appropriate as it will not impact on the safety or learning time of the class. If you have an urgent message in the morning, please pass it on quickly if your child is in Year 3 or 4. If your child is in Year 5 or 6, please pass it on through the member of staff who is at the door.

These new procedures are being implemented to give children a good start to the day and a settled start to their learning time.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Yours in partnership,


Mrs Claire Woolley

Deputy Head Teacher

Term 2 parents' evening

We apologise for the short notice but parents evening will be taking place next Tuesday and Wednesday 12th and 13th November between 3.30-6pm.  If you cannot make any of these dates, please see your child’s teacher to arrange a different time to meet.  This year we have introduced a new ‘online booking system’ which is on our website. This is a much quicker and easier way for you to book.  You will receive a letter tomorrow which has all the instructions for you to follow.  If you do not have any access to the internet, please inform the school office asap and they will be able to help you.

Just to inform you all, we have a new friends team.


Chair - Georgina Hopkins (Ivy Hopkins Mum)

Vice chair - Sunita Johnson (Alexis Johnson's mum)

Secretary - Rosie Griffiths ( Kerensa's Griffiths mum)

Treasurer - Sarah Ball


As part of the many events that the friends will be holding on Thursday for the Black history exhibition the friends will be holding a cake and Caribbean food sale with teas and coffees. 

 There will be cake, fried plantain,  fried dumplings and festivals.

 This will take place from 2.30

The first school disco will be on Friday 15th November themed - Lights linked to Diwali


Dear Parents and Carers,


We are writing to remind you that we are holding our Harvest Assembly on Wednesday 2nd October.

We are collecting non-perishable foodstuffs for the Julian Trust again this year. They rely on us to support the tremendous work they do with homeless people in Bristol, and this year it will probably be even more crucial. They are desperate for margarine, coffee, sugar, tinned meat and tinned vegetables, but are always grateful for any donations. We will be pleased to receive any contributions from Monday 30th September.

Last year, as in the past, we had a fantastic response from our families and friends in providing large amounts of food for the Trust.

Please have a look in your store cupboards and see if there is anything in there you can spare for those less fortunate. With your help we can, once again, show the caring face of our school and help the Julian Trust.

 Thanking you in anticipation.


 The School Council

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"Change starts with us, let's show them what we can do"

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to make a 5 minute appointment.


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Phonics workshops

 Wednesday 5th December 9.00-9.30

Thursday 6th December 3.00-3.30pm

Christmas Meal

Thursday 13th December

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