Chester Park

Junior School

Positive, Resilient, Meaningful

Term 3

This half term, we are very excited to be using Marcus Sedgwick's engaging novel Floodland as the core of our learning. This will offer up fantastic opportunities for different writing styles, as well as provoking rich discussion about a range of dilemmas. This text also links closely to our topic: "Beautiful Biology". Over the next few weeks, learners will become Scientists and Artists. They will learn to observe, hypothesise, prove, disprove, evaluate... and so much more.


We will use the natural world as our inspiration for this, thinking about how animals are suited to live in their habitats, how we as humans are adapted to survive and reflecting on how changes in environments can cause changes in their inhabitants. As Artists, learners will explore different techniques and mediums before creating their own piece of work, inspired by David Hockney. As always, you will be able to keep up to date with all of our adventures in learning on Dojo. We are really looking forward to getting started!