Chester Park Junior School

Positive, Resilient, Meaningful.

Abingdon Road, Bristol, Avon, BS163NX
Head teacher Mr Mike McNama




Positive Resilient Meaningful


Are you an enthusiastic and self –motivated learning support assistant with a commitment and warmth to work with children in a nurturing Junior School?

We are looking to recruit TWO excellent practitioners who will work with our KS2 classes or support pupils with complex SEND. The posts will also include midday meals cover for supervision of children during lunch times.


These are fixed term contracts until 31st August 2020, and will be subject to annual review and dependent on funding.


Our school has a fantastic team ethos and we have a very diverse and supportive community. We have a beautiful site, dynamic staff as well as training opportunities. There is a strong sense of partnership and support between parents/carers, governors, pupils, staff and the local community.  


We offer:

  • A nurturing,friendly ethos
  • A friendly, welcoming community
  • A motivated team of staff
  • Happy, lively children who are keen to learn and work hard
  • Supportive parents/carers
  • A friendly school environment with colleagues who will support you
  • Senior staff who will support your commitment to continuing professional development

The successful candidate will:

  • Be positive, innovative and imaginative
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be flexible in their approach to work
  • Be a team player committed to raising standards
  • Have a patient, resilient disposition
  • Be adaptable, flexible and well prepared
  • Be prepared to enter fully into school life
  • Have high expectations of every child’s achievement and behaviour
  • Enjoy working with children


Visits to the school are welcomed and encouraged. Please see the letter to applicants if you wish to book an appointment.


Job Description, Employee Specification and details about the school are available to view. Please download the standard application form. Applications will only be considered if received by before the closing date and time.




Chester Park Junior School is committed to safeguarding all pupils and staff. This post is subject to enhanced DBS approval and detailed references will be required prior to interview should you be shortlisted for the post.


BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL                                                                        JOB DESCRIPTION


Children and Young People’s Services             Chester Park Junior School               


JOB TITLE                Level 3 Learning Support  


GRADE                      Bristol Grade 7                    


MANAGED BY          Assistant Headteacher



Purpose of the Job           

To provide support for learning activities and the social / emotional development of children on an individual or group basis, under the general direction of the line manager


Key Job Outcomes


  1. Support for children’s learning


            Following work plans approved by the teaching staff, provide direct support for the learning of individual children or groups of children, including those with special needs, to achieve defined targets of progression in a child’s individual education plan and in school and class plans through


  • activities, interventions, empathetic and sympathetic listening, direct guidance and the provision of appropriate positive feedback to behaviour
  • developing the physical, emotional and educational development of children
  • supervising and encouraging safe behaviour of individual and groups
  • analysis of achievement to develop reinforcement of structured learning habits

           which meets defined targets for accessing the curriculum as set by the line manager


  1. Support for the learning environment


            Develop work plans, following guidance from the teaching staff, and prepare, store, retrieve, sort and display materials, finished work, equipment, topic work plans and/or assignment documents to provide an effective learning environment as determined by the management team and teachers to


  • promote the required standards of achievement and performance, including feedback through structured assessment, for individuals and groups within the classroom
  • support the development of continuous improvement in both personal performance in the job and the work of the team
  • assist in the development, monitoring, reviewing and progression of children’ learning plans
  • support assessment processes, recording, keeping and retrieving accurate records and following defined procedures
  • assist in the supervision of placement students, as required and defined by the line manager, to develop continuity and consistency in the work of the support team

            which achieves the attainment of standards in learning progress by the school required by the Head and Governors, the LEA and the Office for Standards in Education [OFSTED]


  1. Care and support for children


            Attend to the day to day needs of children, inside and outside the classroom, by


  • provision of personal, social, hygiene, welfare and behaviour support
  • intervention to promote the progress of individual children in attaining defined goals
  • promoting effective pastoral care for individual children and groups, following defined procedures, and liaising with colleagues to create and retrieve accurate records to provide the basis for home/school liaison & contacts with other agencies
  • reporting concerns about progress, identifying solutions, to the teacher
  • assisting educational and therapeutic professionals in their delivery of specialist support programme
  • carrying out specified medical care procedures following direct specific training by a qualified practitioner
  • assisting with the assessment by the teacher of individual children’s development through observation, creation and retrieval of records, discussion with colleagues and teachers to promote the social, emotional and behavioural standards defined by school and LEA policies and procedures.


to promote the social, emotional and behavioural standards defined by school and LEA policies and procedures.



This job description sets out the key outcomes required.  It does not specify in detail the activities required to achieve these outcomes


General Accountabilities


  1. Be responsible for own safety and not endanger that of colleagues/visitors to the workplace


  1. Work in compliance with the Codes of Conduct, Regulations and policies of the City Council, and its commitment to equal opportunities


  1. Ensure that output and quality of work is of a high standard and complies with current legislation / standards


  1. All support staff are required to foster and apply a supportive relationship with all children, including working in and out of school location outside the classroom and school site and in particular to promote acceptance and integration of children with special educational needs.


  1. There will be work with groups of children, detached from the main work of the group. In accordance with DfES guidelines this group size should not exceed six. There will also be situations where the job holder will take ‘whole class’ activity - this will be under the supervision of the class teacher, who remains responsible for the class.


Updated document, replacing documentation developed by schools or by Avon County Council prior to 1996.


Manager [insert job title]  ............................................   


Date of Job Description:  January 2018


File location of job: W:\Schools Single Status\Secondary\LSAs\Level 3\LSA3JD.wpd

BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL                                                                        EMPLOYEE SPECIFICATION  

Children and Young People Services                                                 Chester Park Junior School


JOB :  Level 3b Learning Support         BRISTOL GRADE    7         POST NO


ESSENTIAL (Must have)

DESIRABLE (Should have)


Knowledge & Experience


At least 2 years’ experience of working effectively in a learning / child care setting


Capability to achieve GCSE grade C in English & Math’s and NVQ level 3 in a relevant field


Skills of empathy, listening, communication and responding with appropriate language to build rapport with children and carers from a variety of ages, abilities and backgrounds.


At least 2 years’ experience of applying the regulations applicable to Health & Safety, Hygiene, Child Welfare & Protection


Abilities & Aptitudes


Aptitude to develop a knowledge of the role within an education environment through achievement of NVQ level 3 in an appropriate field.


Flexible, adaptable and positive attitude to working in a structured environment


Written and oral communication skills to promote and develop effective working with children, colleagues and carers/agencies at an appropriate level to achieve understanding and constructive response


Knowledge & Experience


Hold GCSE Grade C or above [or equivalent] in English & Math’s, plus at least three other academic subjects or NVQ 3 in a relevant field


Understanding of how different children develop and learn and the experience to identify and apply appropriate processes to achieve progression


Understanding of the role of the class teacher, the parent or carer and external agencies in developing and maintaining an effective learning environment


Current first aid certificate

Abilities & Aptitudes

The ability to contribute effectively to the workload, planning, supervision and responsibilities of a team

Ability to work on own initiative, including recognition of the appropriate level at which to refer issues elsewhere for effective resolution

Proven communication and inter-personal skills evidenced by dealing with a diverse range of contacts about potentially complicated and/or sensitive issues.       

Knowledge & Experience


Previous, varied experience of

working with children in a range of educational settings (e.g. Care, Development or School).


Experience of working in a setting subject to Health & Safety, Hygiene, Child Welfare & Protection regulations


Experience of effective supervision of the work of colleagues to achieve defined outcomes





Abilities & Aptitudes


Ability to plan, review and carry out duties without supervision

Ability to communicate in a language other than English

SPECIAL CONDITIONS     The post is subject to Child Protection Legislation & Criminal Records Bureau.



MANAGER  .....................................................................................           Date ................................


File:     H:\Management\WP\LSA3ES.doc